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TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation: Help for children in need

The foundation wants to support children and youths in need in Germany

Material poverty often goes along with emotional poverty. But even in well-to-do conditions, children and youths are often left on their own devices. In the worst case, they get victims of phyical violence or sexual abuse. The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation made it its task to help, as all children need protection, warmth, love, attention and a future in security! The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation is an initiative by Hubert Burda Media and its highest aim is to support children and youths needing help in Germany. Mainly, the foundation supports associations and charities helping children that are unsubsidized by the government. All donations are forwarded without any administration costs to the charities. The accumulated administrative costs are resumed by the Burda Style Group in the form of a donation.